We raise pigs year-round and as such have shares available year-round.  

Bulk box size and cost

We offer two pork share options to choose from.  

              Full Share: 50lbs of assorted pork cuts -- TBD*

              Half Share: 25lbs of assorted pork cuts -- TBD*

    *note: all shares paid for with cash or check receive a 3% discount


Each share includes a variety of cuts in the ratio equivalent to a quarter (50lbs.) or half-quarter(25lbs.) hog.  You get free choice as to when and in what quantities you pick up your items.  You may choose to pick up a few pounds a week or your entire share at once.  Bulk boxes will be subject to variation based on stock on hand, but the following approximates the cuts and quantities you will receive with a full share of pork:


Season Length

We raise and slaughter hogs year-round, and thus have shares available year-round.  You may sign up and pick up your share anytime throughout the year.

Share Value

Signing up for a pork share gives you excellent value over the retail prices of our pork.  A pork share is great for those people who have interest in purchasing pork by the side but lack the freezer space for a whole or half hog.


You may choose to pay for your share via cash/check or credit card.  Payments via cash or check will receive 3% off.  

pick up

You can pick up your pork at any of the farmers' markets we attend or at our twice monthly CSA pick ups in Corvallis (day/time/location TBD).