Our bulk boxes are the equivalent of whole and half hogs. Rather than going through the complicated process of paying the farmer one price for the “hanging weight” of the animal and the butcher for cut and wrap and other fees, with our system you pay for exactly the weight of the meat you receive. In addition, we will curate a great selection of cuts that represents either a whole or half animal. No confusing cut sheets to figure out, complicated logistics or paying for meat that is lost to “trim”. Pickup is available at any of the farmers' markets we attend or on farm in Corvallis by appointment. We will also be offering several non-market pickup times in Portland this winter.

We are currently taking reservations for our next bulk boxes which will be available begining in mid to late November 2019.

Bulk box size and cost

We offer two pork bulk options to choose from.      

              Half: 60lbs of assorted pork cuts -- $540*

              Whole: 125lbs of assorted pork cuts -- $1000*

*note:cash or check price. A 3% fee will be applied for credit and debit transactions


Each box includes a variety of cuts based on an accurate representation of what can be cut from either a half or whole hog and will include a variety of roasts, chops, steaks, ribs, bacon and bulk(no casings) sausage.  

An example 60lb share may contain:

  • 2 lbs ground pork

  • 5lb sausage

  • 3lb bacon

  • 2lb fresh belly

  • 2.5 lb loin roast

  • Two 3.5lb shoulder roasts

  • 3lb shoulder steaks

  • 6lbs bone-in

  • 5lbs boneless chops

  • 5lbs leg steak

  • Two 3lb leg roasts (smoked hams available by request)

  • 6lbs ribs (includes spare ribs, baby back ribs, rib tips)

  • 3lb sirloin steaks

  • 1lb osso bucco (smoked hocks available by request)

  • 2 lbs soup bones

  • 1.5 lb leaf fat

  • 3lbs back fat

Season Length

We raise and slaughter hogs year-round, and thus have bulk boxes available year-round as supplies allow.  

ValuE OF buying in bulk

Signing up for a pork bulk box gives you good value over the retail prices of our pork and allows you to stock your freezer with a wide selection of pork cuts.  The half size will save you 22% of the retail price and the whole size will save you 28% off the retail price


You may choose to pay for your share via cash/check or credit/debit card.  Payments via debit/credit are subject to a 3% processing fee  A non-refundable deposit of $150 reserves your half share and a non-refundable deposit of $300 reserves your full share. Remainder of payment is due upon delivery.

pick up

You can schedule your pork for pick at any of the farmers' markets we attend, at our freezer location in Corvallis, or at one of our yet to be scheduled Portland drop-offs this winter (day/time/location TBD).