We produce meat and eggs of the finest quality from animals raised on pasture under the highest standards of animal welfare.  


french broiler chickens

We raise Freedom Rangers for both their exceptional forage abilities and delicious flavor.   While these birds take several weeks longer than the conventional cornish cross to reach butcher weight we believe that raising birds that are free to express all of their natural chicken behavior including running, foraging and perching is well worth the wait.  We sell whole birds, parts, organ meat, stock bones and feet....Read More

Idaho Pasture Pigs

We selected this mixed heritage breed hog because they possess friendly dispositions and good mothering skills, graze very well on pasture and have excellent meat quality.  Our pigs farrow to finish on our farm.  We are currently selecting for pigs that do particularly well in our particular mid-willamette climate and terrain.  We provide our pigs with a life where they are free to express all of their natural behaviors and live free of stress.  This creates a healthy pig that in turn provides the most nourishing and delicious of foods - pork that expresses the unique terroir of this region....Read More

Heritage Laying Hens

We maintain a flock of around 100 laying hens that consists of a variety of heritage breeds.  Some are chosen for their egg color, others in the spirit of breed conservancy.  All are raised on pasture and fed a non-gmo diet.  They reward us with delicious eggs with dark orange yolks...Read More