2019 Holiday Turkeys - Reserve Yours Today!

This year we are proud to be raising a flock of several breeds of heritage turkeys for your holiday meals. Our turkeys are raised with the utmost care and welfare standards and will provide you with an outstanding eating experience. Our turkeys are raised free-range and open-sky under the protection of our livestock guardian dogs. We provide them with plenty of fresh pasture as well as a complete feed consisting of Willamette Valley grown peas, wheat and pumpkin seeds. Our feed ration contains NO corn, soy, GMOs, fishmeal or vegetable oils.

Reservation Information:

Our non-refundable reservation is $50 per bird, which goes towards your final cost of $8.50 per pound. Turkeys will be delivered to you frozen and shrink wrapped with the neck removed and included with the bird. Giblets are included if you are so inclined. We will do our best to accommodate size requests which we will be fulfilling on a first come fist serve basis according to the order in which birds are reserved. Exact pickup days are TBD, but you may choose either (or both) prior to the November and December holidays. The following form serves as our reservation agreement.

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If reserving more than one turkey and you would like different sizes for each, please select multiple options below. Use the notes section at the bottom to indicate such things as 10 lb turkey for November and 15 lb for December or anything else we should know.
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