Can I visit the farm?

At this time we are not able to accommodate visitors to the farm as we are lessors on someone else's land.  However, we try to regularly post photos of the farm happenings on social media so you can get a glimpse at the goings on at Red Bird Acres.

Can I volunteer at the farm or help Process chickens?

We do not utilize volunteer labor at this point.  Depending on interest, we may organize a one day class in poultry processing sometime in the 2018 season.  Please get in touch if that is of interest to you.

Will you process poultry that I raise myself? 

Yes, we can.  We will process your animals for your personal use only, anything we process for you is not eligible to be sold retail.  Please contact us for more information and to schedule a processing date.

will you come speak at my event/workshop/class?

If our schedule allows, we would be happy to!

Do you sell live animals?

We will have several weaner pigs available from each litter throughout the year.  Please contact us for availability and pricing.  At this time we are not registering our pigs, though we can provide you with very high quality unregistered breeding stock.  We do not sell any live poultry.