Community Supported Agriculture

Thank you for your interest in our chicken shares - 2019 shares are sold out. Individual chicken sales are available at all of our farmers' markets.

Share Sizes and Cost

We offer two chicken share sizes to choose from.  Each consists of whole chickens only.  By request we can cut your chickens into parts for $4/bird.

          Full Share: 100lbs, approximately 25 whole birds -- $541.75*

          Half Share: 50lbs, approximately 12 whole birds -- $283.5*

          *note: all shares paid for with cash or check receive a 3% discount - that makes a full share come out to $5.25/lb and $5.50/lb for a half share.  Your CSA membership helps us to jump start our chicken season and in return we pass on that extra savings to you.

Season Length

Our chicken season length is somewhat determined by demand and conditions out on the field (in other words how soon the rains start in the Fall).  As such a portion of your share may be frozen depending on how the season goes.  We slaughter 75 birds a week on farm, roughly from May through the Fall. 


Your support of our farm before we even have any chicks in the brooder allows us to get our season started  and in turn allows us to pass along some savings to you over our regular retail prices.  Signing up for a Full Share offers you the best deal at 12% off our regular retail price.  As a CSA member you are guaranteed the number of chickens that you sign up for regardless, of the number of birds we end up raising each season.  Our retail customers may find that quantities are quite limited, but as a CSA member your share is reserved for you.


You may choose to pay for your share in one or two installments via check or credit card.  Pay with a check and receive 3% off.  A payment of 50% of the share cost holds your spot.  The full balance must be payed by April 10th, 2019.  There are no refunds on CSA shares.  A member agreement must be completed prior to submitting payment.    Click here to go to the payment page.

CSA Pick-Up

The CSA pick up dates start in April and run approximately 26 weeks through mid December.  You may pick up your birds at any of the farmers' markets we attend or at our weekly CSA pick ups in Corvallis on SW 53rd. street.    

You may pick up at your birds in any amounts (up to 10 birds at a time) and at any intervals.  You can choose to pick up one chicken a week or stock your freezer, or anything in between.  All we ask is that you pick up the remainder of your share by December 15th, 2019.  

If you choose to pick up your birds at the market please keep in mind that it will be subject to first come, first serve.  We are happy to reserve items for you for market pickup with advance notice via email.  We will send out a weekly CSA email as a reminder to let us know if you will be picking up at that week's market.